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Active Directory 2008 R2 Design Guide

You can get this from here: Overview This guidance provides general recommendations for the design, deployment and management of an Active Directory environment in a healthcare organization according to current best practices. The purpose of this guidance is to accelerate Active Directory design and deployment in a healthcare organization, and provide a framework for …

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Preparing Active Directory for Exchange 2007 installation

To prepare an Active Directory domain for an Exchange 2007 installation we have to perform a number of steps before we go ahead with the installation. 1) Prepare the Schema This must be run on the Schema Master in the forest and you must also be a member of schema admins to run. D:\>setup /prepareschema …

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Retrieve FSMO Roles from the command line

To retrieve the FSMO roles from the command line we can use dsquery command: dsquery server –hasfsmo Schema (Schema Master) dsquery server –hasfsmo Name (Domain Naming Master) dsquery server –hasfsmo Infr (Infrastructure Master) dsquery server –hasfsmo PDC (PDC Emulator) dsquery server –hasfsmo RID (RID Master)

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Forest Functional Levels

Windows Server 2000 The Windows 2000 forest functional level provides all Active Directory Domain Services features that are available in Windows 2000 Server. If you have domain controllers running later versions of Windows Server, some advanced features will not be available on those domain controllers while this forest is at the Windows 2000 functional level. …

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Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows and Windows Server Overview Using column filters, you can filter the information in these spreadsheets by operating system, component, or computer or user configuration. You can also search for information by using text or keywords. These spreadsheets include the following categories of security policy settings: Account Policies (Password Policy, Account Lockout Policy, and Kerberos Policy), Local Policies …

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How do I find out which AD Schema version i am running?

You can do this by using Joe Richards excellent AD Find tool which you down download from C:\>adfind -schema -s base objectversion AdFind V01.40.00cpp Joe Richards ( February 2009 Using server: 2008R2DC1.testlab.local:389 Directory: Windows Server 2008 R2 Base DN: CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=testlab,DC=local dn:CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=testlab,DC=local >objectVersion: 47 1 Objects returned From this i can tell I am running …